QTIPOC ASSEMBLE Volume One is a book of illustrated interviews printed in full colour on beautiful heavy weight cartridge paper. A5 and 28 pages long not including a key of useful terminologies. 

At an anti-corporate pride event during the summer of 2015 artists Aaks Hits, Abdul Rufai Ajala and Jacob V Joyce decided to photograph and interview 40 QTIPOC (queer, trans & intersex people of colour) asking them all the same question: 

If you had a super power to fight white supremacist, ableist, hetero-patriarchal capitalism what would it be and how would you use it? 

This book is just one out come of many conversations started on that day and is intended to archive and illustrate the radical imaginations of people navigating intersecting oppressions of race, gender and sexuality.

This book is a record of oral histories collected at an outdoor social event created by QTIPOC for QTIPOC and allies. The interviews are unrehearsed and unedited and as a result contain strong language that may offend people who are unwilling to commit to a process of undoing white supremacy. 

The word whiteness is used not as descriptor for white people, but the arbitrary power structure which allows for an establishment of an ideological normativity in order to legitimise and maintain colonial exploitation and the dominance of European/American imperialism. 

If white, cis or heterosexual people are upset with things that are said in this book they are advised not to contact a person of colour to vent or in the hopes that we might provide comfort because it is not the job of black and brown people to educate white people about racism, it is not the job of LGBTQIA people to educate heterosexual people about homophobia or transphobia, it is not the job of the oppressed to comfort the bystander. There is an unending tapestry of written and video material, which can elaborate, and contextualise the frustrations presented in this publication and they are all available at www.google.com. If people are truly eager to engage critically with white supremacy and hetero-patriarchy the first step is understanding that black, brown and LQBTQIA people should not have to do all the labour, effort is required from all participants.


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